Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wedding Wednesday....Bridal Hair Tip

In the process of wedding season, I always get asked to do the #1 Bridal hairstyle, the side-swept know which one....

Styled by Me 
Styled by Me

This style is beautiful and universal for any bride. It can be styled a few different ways and it transitions easily. You can wear your hair side-swept for the ceremony and then pin it up for the reception.
I highly recommend a pinup after the ceremony for brides that intend on having a reception involving dancing. It's nothing worse than sweating and having hair sticking to your neck and back. 
You want to have a good time without worrying about hair. 
With this style you can get 2 hairstyles within one. 
After taking pictures and greeting your guess, your curls would have fallen so pinning it up is the best option. 
The Tip is of you're planning to wear this style on your Big Day then make sure you factor in pinning it up for the reception. That's if you are planning to party after dinner. 
If no dancing and drinks are present then this style is perfect for the whole day and night. If you plan to wear this style for the whole day then get wand curls. They last longer than the loose curls. 

My favorite hairspray is by Redken. It's called 'Control Addict 28' . It's amazing. It preserves the style and it's easy to comb out.

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