Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wedding Wednesday....The Turners!

On May 24, 2015, two became one in the presence of God. After a 2 year courtship, Fred decided to put a ring on Torri's finger.
Their story is quite unique as they went to the same alma mater, Howard University. However they didn't meet officially until after they both graduated from there. They met at homecoming and later developed  a solid relationship with one another.  Although distance was a factor, it wasn't long before Fred stepped out on faith and moved to Detroit, MI where Torri was resided.
 He moved without knowing anyone else but her.
With him living in Detroit they were able to nurture their relationship and it blossomed into marriage.
Torri and I have known each other for over 19 years, she is one of my closest friends.
She is such a genuine person and I'm blessed to call her friend. It's been such a blessing to see how God has moved in her life and in turn all the lives that have been positively impacted because of it.
I look forward to all that's in store for these two. They deserve all the blessings that's coming to them. You can see the Love and Respect that these two have for one another.
They don't even have to say how much they love each other, their actions personifies it.
I couldn't be happier for The Turners. May God keep them and Bless their lifelong union.

Hair: Styled by me.

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