Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wedding Wednesday....Transitioning from Dark to Gray Hair.

Lately I've been getting a lot of request from my clients to go from dark to grey hair. Usually people would run from the thought of having grey hair but now it's a trend that many people want. The ash tones are the "in" thing currently. 
However, what people don't realize is that it's not an overnight process. It in fact takes many months before being able to get to the white/grey color. That is if you want to still have semi healthy hair. 

There is a new product on the market called "olaplex" and it allows professionals to color their clients hair to blonde without compromising the integrity of the hair. It's nothing on the market that can do what this product can do. 
Normally bleaching can cause dryness and brittleness so you have to seal the hair shaft (strand) with protein in order to maintain the strength of the hair. 
I just wanted to walk you through the process of what it takes to get from dark hair to grey hair. I'm into haircare so whatever I do is always going to be the healthiest way. It's about maintaining healthy hair with me, not about the instantaneous way of doing things. 
When you cut corners you potentially end up with an issue that can't be corrected or at least not right away. 
I recommend getting a protein treatment before any color service, that way your hair is strengthened beforehand. 
There should at least be 3-4 steps involved before you can get to the ash tone. 

The video below pretty much sums up the process. 

*******I DO NOT recommend doing your own color. Seek a Professional!!!!!*****

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