Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wedding Wednesday....Best Hairstyles for Engagement Photos

This post was inspired by one of my close friends. She and her husband are gearing up for a post wedding photo-shoot. They never took pre-wedding pictures so they are taking pictures to commemorate their union. They actually eloped which I don't think is a bad idea these days. I have people getting married all around me and it seems like such a stressful process, not to mention an expensive one. I feel as though it should be about the 2 people getting married and sometimes that is the furthest thing on peoples mind.
Anyway, that's another post.
I think before you figure out a hairstyle, you should first figure out what your vision is for the shoot. Some people don't have an artistic eye so it can be challenging to figure out what you want.
I think the best thing to do is not stray too far away from who you are as a person. You want the pictures to reflect who you are. It's always good to seek out inspiration from other people but I think it should always have your own spin.
I think hair should be understated for engagement pictures. You want the pictures to look as natural as possible. You want to act as though the photographer isn't even present.
Hair should have more of a tasseled look. Flowy, sexy, voluminous hair.
Not to mention, Men always love hair that's understated. They love to run their fingers threw it without you cursing them out for daring to touch it.
I recommend the soft curls, beach waves, or the sleek look.
Whatever look you choose, make sure your hair is down, not up. An up-do is formal and I think that should be reserved for the wedding day.
This is my opinion but I think it has validity. Below notice how all of the women are wearing their hair down. As I looked through pictures a few had updos but more had flowy/understated hair.

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