Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wedding Wednesday...WorkOut Hair Maintenance

Many of you are actively trying to keep your bodies together, whether it be for life or for your wedding day.
If you are trying to get 'Snatched' for the wedding day or for life then you need to be conscience of the way you are maintaining your natural hair.
Those that have fine hair are probably shampooing their hair regularly, whereas those that have normal to coarse hair are probably shampooing 1-0 times a week.
No matter what texture your hair is, if you are working out multiple times a week then you should be shampooing your hair at least once a week.
The reason being is because if you are "really" working out then you are sweating.
Sweat (Perspiration) has salt in it along with many other minerals, which is dependent upon what the individual produces. It could be sodium (salt), magnesium, calcium, etc.
Imagine if you didn't take a shower after a workout, how would you smell after a week?!
That should put things into perspective on the importance of shampooing your hair.
If you can't smell your own hair, then others can and chances are you're being talked about. Just saying!
I'm not saying you have to shampoo everyday but at least once a week.
Leaving salt in your hair can be damaging as well. It can cause breakage because salt is drying, think about it. Salt absorbs.
I like sea breeze.
You can mix it in while you are shampooing your hair. Make sure you are also using a hydrating conditioner to ensure that you are restoring moisture into your hair.

Even if you are wearing braids, run some water through that scalp to rinse the salt out.
Even when I'm shampooing extensions, I can smell it when people have been sweating alot, it's not the most pleasant smell.
Again I stress, maintain good hair hygiene, no matter if you have extensions or natural hair.
I really like Paul Mitchell "shampoo three" because it's does an amazing job in cutting any impurities from the hair. It's the best that I've seen on the market. You can literally feel the difference on your hair.  Trust me, you'll be amazed!

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