Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wedding Wednesday....Love Winns

Over the holiday weekend I was blessed to partake in a ceremony that was near and dear to my heart. My beautiful cousin Lauren K. Hornes became Lauren K.Winn.
I have rode this year long wedding-planning rollercoaster with her and we both still have hair on our heads.
Even though at some points I wanted to say a few things, I remained mum because I knew it was because of stress that she was acting like Cruella Deville.
I was amazed how everything turned out and the outpouring of love that they received on their special day.
Prior to getting engaged Lauren told me that she wanted me to be apart of bridal party so it was no surprise to me when she 'Told' me I was going to be a bridesmaid. Not only did she tell me I was going to be a bridesmaid but she also told me that I was going to do her hair.
 I didn't argue with her demands, because I love her.
I accepted my double-role as bridesmaid and her wedding hairstylist.
July 5, 2014... The wedding day, I relied upon visuals from 'Pinterest. As I've mentioned in previous post, I love 'Pinterest' because of the inspiration that I get time and time again from it. I like that I can get inspiration so that I can create my own style. It never looks exactly the same as the picture. That's the beauty of being an artist. There are no 2 artists' that are the same. It was also the plan for her to have 2 different hairstyles for her wedding day so I created 2 updo looks. They looked pretty similar but they were different. I like soft updos because you can get 2 hairstyles out of one. If you want the option to wear it down after the wedding you can because it's not a ton of product in the hair.
I get alot of hair inspiration for brides when I see their dress. The cut of the dress matters in the type of hairstyle you choose.
I still stand by the advice to get a hair trial prior to your wedding day. You don't want to be upset about your hair on that day it's already stressful enough.

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