Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding Wednesday....Where to purchase Extensions (The companies)

I hope that this post is beneficial to you all. I have worked with many brands of hair extensions, some good and some bad. Many of the hair lines are owned by the same companies. A few that come to mind are 'Bobbi Boss', 'Sensationnel', 'Outre' and there are many more.
The objective is to saturate as much of the market as possible. Which in turn capitalizes on the consumer. Most people don't realize that just because you see a different label on the hair doesn't mean it's not technically the same hair as the one you refuse to buy. It's all about brand marketing. The new hair is always better, right?
Most of the time it's the same product just a different name. 
If you are one that gets your hair from the beauty supply then make sure you buy hair that is wrapped and sealed. You do not want to buy the hair that other customers have been running their nasty hands through. It changes the texture, because of the dirt and oils that are transferred from person to person. 
If I purchase hair from the beauty supply, I always shampoo it before I install it. I like for my hair to have a little texture when I put it in, it make sit look more natural. 
My favorite brand from the beauty supply is 'Divine' and it falls under the 'Sensationnel' umbrella. 

Now lets get into the websites that you can order hair from. That can be a little more tricky because all of the hair online isn't created equally. You have to be careful, because there are alot of defective products being sold online. I 'll give you a list of companies that I trust and use regularly. I'm going to range them from high to low price points. The hair can be used more than once as well. 


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