Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wedding Wednesday... The Secret behind hair extensions (Part 2)

Last week I talked about the business behind the billion dollar hair industry. There is so much more to say in regards to the business side of it. I have educated myself in how the process works and how people are becoming so successful in this industry.
You do have to do your research if you want a supplementary income.
Research is vital in making sure that you end up with a quality product.
A higher price doesn't always reflect a quality product.
The market is over saturated now, so the hair is being massed produced in order to keep up. The hair quality has drastically declined and your Brazilian, Indian, Mongolian, Peruvian, Moroccan, etc... hair extensions are coming from factories in China.
There are wholesalers that are selling hair for $10-20 per bundle and you "the customer" are paying
4-10 times the price.
However the customer trying to purchase the hair is in a difficult position because you want to get whatever is readily available. The average person isn't going to invest the time and energy going to research how they can get wholesale hair extensions. You are going to get hair that is familiar and has a good reputation.
The downside to buying the hair wholesale is that there are so many suppliers. All the hair isn't created equally. The hair despite it being labeled as "virgin remy ____ hair", it's been processed. The hair has been altered to get the curl pattern that you are seeking "deep wave", "loose curl", "body wave" etc...
It's not neccessarily bad hair, but it's not what you think it is. The hair in the beauty supplies are machine processed, it's not technically "human hair", but it works just fine.
I want to educate you on how this billion dollar industry works. It's all about brand marketing and producing what consumers want.
You want to look like your favorite celebrity, well it comes at a price.

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