Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday.... Versatility

Who doesn't like versatility when it comes to hair?
I know I want to be able to do as much with my hair as possible. Especially when I'm wearing extensions, I want to wear it up, down, to the side, etc. I want as many options as possible. I don't want to put excess amounts of heat on my hair so versatile extensions help give you different ways that you can wear your hair so that you don't damage your natural hair. There are a few options that I recommend. You can either choose, versatile sew-in extensions or micro bead extensions. Both are a healthy ways of achieving the perfect look. Micro bead extensions are more maintenance than sew-in extensions, so it just depends on what is best for you.
I usually recommend micro bead extensions for my brides because you will have more options for the wedding day and then it works out well for the honeymoon as well.

Sew-in versatile extensions-

Before Extensions
After extensions (Indique hair used) -Ponytail 


Wear it to the side 
After-With ceramic curls

Micro-bead Extensions-

First look

Client is natural. Hair is pressed, precision layered cut, and ceramic curled. Extensions are from Indique hair. 


After extensions are applied, hair can be worn up or down

Beads are barely noticeable
Hair is flawless

Second look

Client is relaxed. Hair was relaxed a week prior to micro bead application. Extensions are from Wagmans.
Hair is ceramic straightened, precision layered cut, and ceramic curled


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