Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday.... Does length matter?

All Styles done by Serena 

I was on Facebook yesterday and my friend Yodit (Favored by Yodit Events) raised the question "Does size really matter" referring to wedding rings.
So the inspiration for this post was from her post.
I started thinking about hair and how fixated people are with length.
I've personally had a woman tell me that she didn't feel pretty without her extensions. I've had women tell me they felt bald, unattractive and out of place without extensions.
It's really sad that society puts pressure on people to be something they aren't.  I know women that are very comfortable in their skin. They happen to love their natural hair, flaws and all.
 I love extension but I also wear my natural hair. Is it perfect? No, as sometimes I feel that my hair is thin.  I wear clip-in extensions as well as partial sew-in extensions. Sew in extension when done properly can be a protective style. It's good to give your natural hair a break from chemical, environmental and heat damage. I feel as though hair extensions are an accessory not a substitution for damaged hair.
I do whatever I can to make sure that my natural hair stays healthy. I never want to be in a position as to where I have to wear extensions because my hair is damaged.
Of course, when I take the hair out I feel like I have no hair because I had 2 bundles of hair extensions sewn in (usually down my back, ha!). It's all mental.
It's so bad that the girls that have naturally long hair, are accused of having extensions. If your hair is thick and has body people think it's a wig.
 If you are African American and you have long hair, people assume you must be mixed with something else. Technically we are all mixed with something, but that's another topic.
I know most of you know a girl that decided she was going to go for the BC (Big Chop) and after cutting it short went and put extensions in it.
So I raise the question, Does length matter?

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