Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday... The BM's (Bridesmaids)

As Wedding Wednesday unfolds I want to talk about the BM's, the bridesmaids. They are so often slighted when it comes to the wedding day festivities. It's really unfortunate considering they have to bare such a huge expense for this event.
I know most brides want to focus on themselves during this time which is fine considering you have a lot on your plate during this time and after all it's one of the most important moments in your life. However the BM's matter too. How they look in your wedding pictures are important. You want all smiles in those photos, not any smirks , because you made them wear finger waves with a pin-curl ponytail. Yikes!!!
Hair is just as important for the bridesmaids as it is for you (the bride). I personally feel that the hairstyle you choose should be uniform. Each girl should have very similar styles. You don't want any unnecessary distractions. All eyes should be on the bride and groom, not the rats nest that's on top of your cousins head. Just saying!
When considering Bridesmaid hairstyles you want to factor in weather, longevity, and practicality. Usually hair is done the morning of the wedding, so you need a style that will last all day. Usually curls don't, they always have to be touched up. So that wouldn't be practical.
I would suggest an up-do. A soft pin-up style or even a bun.
These styles are weather-proof, long-lasting, and practical.
I also recommend that you use the same stylist or salon team so that everything flows, for the sake of timing.

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