Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wedding Wednesday... Effortless Wedding Day Hair

As I reflected about today's topic, I imagined myself being on a sunny, white-sand and
clear blue-watered island. I thought about a stress-free bride, frolicking on the beach with her husband celebrating their newly consecrated union.
I envisioned the sun reflecting off of her effortless but beautiful hair, her laughing as she played up and down the shoreline with her Mr.Right.
Ahh...What a beautiful sight!
Most brides spend multiple hours as well as large amounts of money on hair and make-up for their wedding day.
Not suggesting that it's a bad idea, just stating the facts. However there are some brides that take a more minimalistic approach.
They do their own hair and makeup, because at the end of the day beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The beholder is your husband-to-be. I've learned over the years that most men can care less about how extravagant you wear your hair. They don't even notice half the time what you do with your hair. It has to be a drastic difference, for example going from waist-long hair to a bob or going from super curly hair to straight. Other than that, they don't notice (There are always exceptions, In which case you may way to raise an eyebrow.
Effortless wedding day hair can be achieved with little or no cost to you. Effortless hair is perfect for a beach ceremony. You want to have a hairstyle that is minimal because it will usually be warm (humid)  and or windy.
There are so many beautiful natural styles. I just love all the creativity that can be achieved through hair. It really is artistic expression. I love being a Tress Artist.

Photography credit: Pinterest

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