Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday...The Perfect Hair and Dress Pair

Do you ever wonder what hairstyle you should have based off of the type of dress you chose?
I know I have. Choosing the right hairstyle based on your dress style can be a challenge. 
I will help you figure out what styles would be appropriate based off what bridal or bridesmaid dress you decide on. One of my good friends is getting married and that was one of the first questions she asked me (How should I wear my hair?) 
It really depends on the style of the dress. One particular hairstyle may not be the most flattering with all the dresses you choose. Normally the brides hair is different than the bridesmaids. I'm going to list a variety of dress styles and then pair hairstyles with them. Even though there are many dresses that fall under the three umbrellas, these are the general styles. For example the 'sweetheart neckline' is still a "strapless dress".

*One Shoulder-Hair looks best worn up, sleek ponytail, pinned back (hanging down, but pinned going to the back)

*Strapless- Hair looks best worn down, swept to one side, or half up/half down

*Straps-Hair looks best worn up, or swept to one side

I haven't forgotten about my ladies with the short styles. If you are wearing your hair short then you are the exception you can rock your pixie cut, or your bob with any dress. I wouldn't alter your hair if the short style is your signature. I understand that most women want to look different on their wedding day however every women doesn't need extensions down to her but. You can create a new look with the hair on your head.

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