Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wedding Wednesday...Oil series

I'm back!!! I hope that everyone that celebrated Thanksgiving and Hanukkah had a great holiday.
I'm happy to report that when I was home for the holiday (Michigan), my childhood friend Torri got engaged to the man of her dreams. I'm so happy for her, she's an amazing woman.
I love Love and I'm excited about the wedding.
As I decided to start this series I was surprised at all the different oils that are beneficial for your hair. This series could go on for weeks with all the different oils. It seems as though you can turn anything into oil form. It's important to keep in mind that many of these oils have to be mixed with a carrier oil. If it's in raw form you want to mix it with another oil to prevent scalp irritation.
Using essential oils have been used by people for centuries for a variety of medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Eventually the beauty industry caught onto the benefits that it has for healthy luxurious tresses. It doesn't matter what hair texture you have, all these oils can be utilized on all hair types. You have to thoroughly rinse them out after they have been massaged or steamed into your scalp (to prevent limp hair). The coarser your hair texture, the longer you can leave oils in your hair. In some cases, hair may be so dry that it absorbs the oils instantly.
Personally I like to lather my hair in oil the day before I'm going to shampoo it.
You can go to to find *Cold-pressed oil* also try your local health food store.
Here is a list of oils that are great for your hair:
Almond oil
Flaxseed oil
Olive oil
Lavender oil
Jojoba Oil
Chamomile oil
Clary sage oil
Coconut oil
Geranium oil
Moroccan oil
Rosemary oil
Sandalwood oil
Cedarwood oil

I'm sure it's a few that I'm missing, however you get the gist. There is no reason why your hair has to take a beating during the fall/winter. I describe hair as a plant.
If your water it, give it proper sunlight, then it will grow. As soon as you neglect it, it can hang on for a short time but eventually it will die. Your hair is no different. Proper care goes a long way. The cool thing about these oils are they can be mixed and incorporated into your conditioner. A little goes a long way.
After you decide which oil you want to use, you can steam it into your scalp. If you don't have a steamer don"t fret you can use a hot towel and a shower cap. Wrap your head with a hot towel then put a plastic cap on top of it. This will open up your hair follicles and steam the oil into your scalp. This can also be done for conditioning as well.

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