Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday... Oil series...The benefits of Flaxseed oil

I remember when I first heard about flaxseed oil. I had a client that was into the holistic lifestyle and she introduced me to flaxseed oil. She raved about how great it was for the hair as well as your skin. Her name was Ms. Millie; she was such a sweet woman, who was from England. She would tell me how I reminded her of her German childhood best friend Serena. A strange coincidence because my name is Serena and I was born in Frankfurt, Germany.  I digress… Her love of flaxseed oil intrigued me to try it for myself. I went to wholefoods grocery store in search of this flaxseed oil that Ms. Millie spoke so highly of.  I found it in liquid form (cold-pressed) , gel capped, and also as a seed. I didn’t’ know which one to get so I chose the gel-caps. The gel-caps had the oil within them. I know that it’s best to get liquid form in most things because you want it to enter your system rapidly.

Tress tip: Flaxseed oil gelcaps are great in smoothies. Put them in the blender/juicer with your veggies and fruit. I usually add 2 gelcaps, but the more the merrier.:)

Flaxseed oil (which is derived from the same plant as Linseed oil) is often used as a substitute for fish oil because of the high levels of omega 3 fatty acid. As I researched this oil, I was amazed by the benefits that it holds. Not only is Flaxseed oil great for your hair but for your body. It literally nourishes every system in your body from your nervous system to cardiovascular system (and so on). It's been known to aid in curing cancer, obesity, and skin problem (eczema, acne).
It's great for Dandruff. I know alot of my clients suffer from dry scalp. It prevents dry scalp and flakes. Flaxseed acts as a good moisturizer, which keeps hair follicles hydrated and eliminates dryness which in turn stops breakage. Here is a solution ladies and gentlemen. Especially with the winter coming, the air is dry and this becomes a huge problem. Infuse your body with flaxseed oil. For those of you that are health nuts, add a dose to your smoothie, take a flaxseed oil shot, put it in your fave dish. If you want healthy hair it starts with a healthy body.
The omega 3 fatty acids form the base of cell structure which is crucial for cell growth. The fatty acids are a part of hair cells as well, which are extremely beneficial to hair growth. The fatty acid maintains cell structure in the hair which smooths the hair follicles. This assures that hair has a healthy foundation.
The road to healthy hair is a journey. It doesn't happen over night. Healthy hair starts from within. You must realize if you aren't taking care of "you" then everything else is effected.
I want to provide tools to help you take care of not just your hair but also your body. This Wedding Wednesday post is dedicated to people taking care of their mind, body and soul. If you aren't taking care of you, then how do you expect to benefit your significant other?

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