Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What should I do with my hair for my honeymoon?

Every bride wants to look great for her wedding day. She also wants to look great for her honeymoon as well. This can sometimes be difficult in that you are usually so exhausted from the planning process and actual wedding day that when you finally get on your honeymoon, you're exhausted. You don't want to think about hair. You want to be able to do something with it that low maintenance and easy. Depending on the texture of your hair, this can be an easy feat or a challenging one. A lot of this decision making process has to do with the destination you choose. For example, If you are going to an island and doing a lot of swimming, then you have to factor in that you may have to shampoo/condition your hair daily. If this is the case then you want to bring a few products that are great for curly or wavy hair (Miss Jessie's, mixed chicks, kerastase',etc..). If you are going to an island that has salt water (ocean) instead of freshwater (ocean), then you have to take into account that your hair will be dryer than normal. Salt water can be extremely damaging to your hair over a period of time (however its good for your skin),  if it's not shampooed out of your hair after each swim. Salt in the hair strips vital oils from your hair and can cause breakage.

Make sure you sit down with your haircare professional so you can create a look that has longevity. That way you can look fabulous on your big day and also during your honeymoon. 

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