Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weedding Wednesday... Piggy-backing on Honeymoon hair

I'm doing a continuation on last weeks wedding Wednesday topic because there are a few things I want to add.
I want to give you ideas of different styles that you can do that would be easy and breezy. I think the best look is a polished look. To obtain a polished look all you need is a brush/comb, bobby pins, product (gel, light wax, styling product), ponytail holder.
You have the option to create a sleek ponytail, bun or a cute up-do. Even if you have extensions you can pull your hair back, if you are concerned with camouflaging the weft, a great option is to wear a cute floppy hat, or a headband. Most of my clients like to leave some natural hair out when they have extensions installed because it looks more natural and you have more versatility. Especially post wedding day. You don't want to be locked into one hair style.
Extensions- I think are great for clients that want to add a little length and fullness for there wedding festivities.  It's also beneficial for those who want something low maintenance.
I recommend having them done a least a couple of weeks prior to your big day. You want to get acclimated to them and extensions generally blend better after the first couple of weeks.
Buns- buns are so easy yet conservative. It doesn't take long to achieve, and you don't have to be a professional to create one. The easier way to achieve a bun is to use a foam donut form. You put your hair in a ponytail, slide the donut form on, split your in the center of the form and wrap it over the donut. Then use bobby pins to secure the hair in place.
Simple up-do- Grab some bobby pins, brush , and styling product. You can have a simple pinup in minutes. Especially if you want a fun look for an evening dinner with your new hubby. I like either pintrest or YouTube for step by step ideas. You can search, simple pinup styles, simple up-dos, easy up-dos, etc.. Visuals are great to have.
You don't want to be overwhelmed with hair on your honeymoon, you should be frolicking on the beach with your new husband.
If you have an idea of different options that can be achieved throughout the honeymoon period then everything will workout just fine. A bad hair day is not an option!

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