Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesday... Should I color my hair before my wedding?

This is a tricky subject because, some people change their hair color either at the beginning of fall and again between spring/summer. If you do color your hair regularly, your hair would be colored during the time you choose to get married. I personally feel that you should be as safe as possible with your color tone. I say this because when you look back at your wedding pictures you don't want to cringe because you decided that pink hair was the trend at the time and you had to have it. You want to go for a shade that you wouldn't mind seeing in pictures 20 years later. If you have been wearing a specific color for a few years and you want to switch it up a bit, then add highlights or lowlights. You can alter the color without a drastic change. A drastic change would be going from blonde to dark brown and vice versa.
For example: Kim Kardashian changed her hair color post pregnancy, which was safe. Now that she's engaged she may want to think of transitioning back to her signature brunette color for her upcoming nuptials.
If something significant happens in our lives more often then not we want to look differently and the easiest way to transform is changing your hair. You may not want to color your hair, maybe you want to cut your hair, or add some extensions.

You also want to take into a count the condition of your hair. If your hair is not in the best condition, you probably don't want to further damage it by applying color to it. If a bald fade isn't what you are seeking for your wedding day then don't make rash decisions before your big  day. A really drastic change in color can be damaging. If you want to go from blonde to dark brown, it doesn't happen over night. It may appear that it does but that's false. If you go from Pale blonde to dark in one day, not only will your hair feel like straw but it will be over a 5/6 hour process. Color is more complicated then people think.

The proper process to go through is this:
Dark brown-Medium reddish brown-Blonde
Although it appears that Kim went from Dark to light. She didn't, you don't know what she was doing as she was hibernating after the baby. She wasn't photographed until a month after the she had the baby. If you are thinking how do celebrities go from dark to light overnight, they don't . You only see what they want you to see.  No master hairstylist would risk damaging your hair for a photo opportunity, or for money. A good stylist thinks about integrity over money. 
Who wants their name associated with a bad product?
 If you are seeing a hairstylist and they tell you that they can take you from light to dark or dark to light in the same day (Meaning blonde-dark brown, Dark brown-blonde). Grab your stuff and RUN!!!! 

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