Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, New You!!!

It's a new year so why not go for a new look? I always encourage people to try something new, especially around the holidays.  It's a way to refresh yourself. The change doesn't have to be drastic, just something new and fresh. I personally know when I change my look, I feel empowered. I find most of my inspiration on Fashion blogs, Instagram (Follow me @Tressarthair) , and in Magazines. Here are a few looks that I did over the holidays that I just love. My beautiful clients are the best, some drive me nuts but I'm so grateful for them.

Natural Hair, Highlights and base change, Pressed and ceramic curled

Partial Sew-in Extensions, Peruvian extensions (, Blow-dried, Ceramic curled

 Natural Hair, Pressed, curled, styled

Natural hair, Base change (color correction), trimmed, Blow-dried

Partial Sew-in extensions, Virgin Indian extension (, cut, ceramic curled and styled

Natural Hair, Pressed, trimmed, and ceramic curled

Micro-Bead Extensions, Pressed, ceramic curled, and styled

 Partial Sew-in Extensions, Brazilian extensions (, cut, ceramic curled, and styled

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