Thursday, December 13, 2012

Split ends vs. Healthy hair

"No, No, No, Please don't cut off my length"
"How much are you going to cut?"
"I know it's been 2 years, but do I really need a trim?"
"My hair won't hold a curl, why is that?"

This Client in the picture above came to me for a service. Her hair was damaged. We cut it, so that she could get a healthy start (July 2012) . She decided to neglect the schedule that I recommended (6-8 week trim) and you can see the before and after. In the picture to the right (Nov. 2012), the hair is longer but it's not as healthy as the first picture. You can also see how the hair has split upwards. 

These are some of the things that people say in my chair. I have been in the business for 9 years (officially 7 years) and I take my position very seriously. I care about the well-being of my client's hair. I know there are some stylist that do not, but I do. I take the time to research products and pay attention to how each persons hair reacts to them. The same product doesn't work for every client. Some people have dry scalp, some dry hair, others oily hair, etc... it's imperative that as a professional you consider these factors.
When I have new clients it's always interesting to hear the reservations they have. I realize that there are people that have had horrible salon experiences, but I assume you are sitting in my chair because you have seen my work and have noticed the quality in it. It's slightly insulting when people question my judgement. I try my best to make my clients feel comfortable, I answer many question that they have prior to the appointment, but what I don't agree with is being countered during the service.
Many people wait too long to get their ends trimmed, the proper time frame is 6-8 weeks. Some people care more about the length rather than the condition of their hair. If your hair is healthy than the length will follow. I do not understand how people can walk around with paper-thin ends and think that it looks good. It's best to get a new start. Your hair will react so much better to a fresh start. Split ends are dead, you CAN NOT revive them, they have to be cut. The best way to tell if you need a trim is your hair won't curl, or hold a curl. You can actually see the split ends if you look hard enough (it's usually a "v" shape). Split ends will eventually split upwards and cause breakage.
I understand for some they have been scared from previous stylist. Maybe that my have cut off a little too much, or that have damaged your hair, but you have to leave the past in the past and get a new start.

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