Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MY Feature in Essence Magazine

Once again I had the pleasure of being featured in Essence magazine, however this time it was for my contribution in the Barnes wedding. I previously wrote an entry about this beautiful ceremony back in September. This wedding was significant to me because the bride is not only a great client but also a friend. It was so humbling to be acknowledged for something that I love to do.
Weddings are so much fun for me because I get the opportunity to create a look that will be significant for a lifetime, especially for the bride. Every time she reflects back on that special day, she'll remember how beautiful she looked. That is a gratifying feeling for me, because I contributed to the confidence that the bride exudes on her wedding day.  It's a great feeling when you can carry out someone else's vision. Most brides have a visual for how they would like to wear their hair on their wedding day. I usually recommend that brides have a visual (of the desired hairstyle)  so I can get a sense of what direction they want to go in. Chances are it won't look exactly like the picture, because I believe that as a stylist you have to customize any look you do. If you are planning to get married it's very smart to consider doing trials with your stylist so that you can get a feel for how your hair will actually look on your wedding day. 
I want to thank Denise Barnes for choosing me to be apart of her special day. It means so much to me that you continue to support my business and that you respect my craft. Time after time you have referred people to me and I'm grateful to you for believing in me and my business.

Below is the direct link to the site. Enjoy!

Not only did I have the pleasure of styling the bride, but also the bridesmaids

Photo Credit: Elton Anderson 


  1. It wasn't even the brides gorgeous curls that brought me to your blog, it was your outfit. Simple, stunning & effortless! If my stylist puts herself together well, I know my hair will be too!

    1. Thank you K for taking the time to visit my blog. I appreciate your sweet comment, it's people like yourself that motivates me everyday to do what I do.
      Thanks Again,

      Serena Hampton