Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The fairytale...The Bride and Bridemaids

This particular post is near and dear to my heart. The reason being is I had the opportunity to watch it come to pass. This young woman is my cousins best friend, and has become a good friend of mine. She  like most women have dreamed of the day that a special gentlemen would sweep them off their feet and ask for their hand in marriage. This God-fearing woman and this God-fearing man met each other and now are living happily ever after. I have the pleasure of knowing the both of them and to see the love that these two have for one another is such an inspiration.
When she asked me to style her and her bride-maids hair for her special day, I was honored. I love to style hair for weddings, it's so much fun. It's one of the most important days of a persons life, so to be apart of it is a remarkable feeling.

The Barnes wedding was held in Rochester, Michigan on August 25, 2012

The Bride

Natural hair (no chemicals) with Micro-bead extensions. Pressed, Precision layered cut, and Ceramic curled.

The week of the wedding (the prep)
Natural hair pressed before extensions 

Micro-beads on a weft  

Micro-beads are versatile and last up to 3 months with proper care

Micro-beads, layered cut, and ceramic curled

The Wedding day 

The Bridesmaids

Natural hair (2-strand twist up-do) (no heat applied) 

Natural hair
pressed, ceramic curled, softly pinned

Natural hair
Pressed, ceramic curled, soflty pinned

Natural hair
Ceramic curled, styled

Natural hair
Colored, pressed, ceramic curled, and softly pinned

Natural hair
pressed, ceramic curled, softly pinned

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