Saturday, September 8, 2012

Micro Bead Extensions (Part 2)

I've noticed that many people all over the world are intrigued by the micro-bead technique. Since I started my blog this particular subject has always received the most views. Since you all want to know more, I'm going to give you more.
Micro Bead extensions have been around for a few years now, however only select stylist provide the service. I enjoy doing this technique on clients who want versatility in styling, but also want to add length and fullness. MicroBeads are hard to detect and blend well if proper extension texture is used.
I recommend a couple of extension companies. They are reliable and quality hair is always produced. Buying extensions can be quite an investment but it's worth it to buy quality hair because it can be reused if you maintain the hair properly. I use a few sites, but my 2 favorites are and I can always count on them to deliver excellent customer service and quality hair extensions.
MicroBead extensions are a nice alternative to many other weaving techniques, in that you can maintain the care of your natural hair while they are installed. Haircare is my main priority so I like to provide services that protect a persons natural hair.
 If this is a service that you may be interested in make sure you take into account that this is a high maintenance hairstyle. You can't apply the same force that you would say if you had sew-in extensions. The beads are small and will loosen up if too much force is applied. The beads should be tightened once a month. With proper care this technique can last up to 3 months and sometimes even 4.

First look

Client is natural. Hair is pressed, precision layered cut, and ceramic curled. Extensions are from Indique.


After extensions are applied, hair can be worn up or down

Beads are barely noticeable
Hair is flawless

Second look

Client is relaxed. Hair was relaxed a week prior to micro bead application. Extensions are from Wagmans.
Hair is ceramic straightened, precision layered cut, and ceramic curled


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