Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oooo Girl who does your hair? (How to avoid a bad hair day)

Some people think that after your salon visit you don't have to maintain your hair. Just because you go to a stylist doesn't mean it's alright to neglect your hair. It's important that you sustain your hair after leaving the salon. After all it's your responsibility to build upon the foundation that your hairstylist has laid out for you. We do our part to restore and build your hair and its your part to preserve it. If you shampoo your own hair, always use professional products to ensure that hair is getting all the nutrients it needs. If your hair requires wrapping or pin curling, make sure you are being consistent until you see your stylist. The #1 NO-NO is using heat on your hair daily, this is sure way to damage your hair. If your a person whose hair needs to wrapped or pin curled make sure you use a satin scarf or bonnet. If you don't require a head wrap, use a satin pillowcase, this will lock moisture in your hair.

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