Friday, February 11, 2011

Are you the Hairstylist or am I?

This post is for those clients who think that they can do "YOUR" job better. As a hairstylist you encounter many different personalities. A hairstylist wears many different hats, not only are we the stylist, but we can also act as therapist. Coming to a salon can be therapeutic because people can get a lot of things off there chest without an unbiased opinion. The number one pet peeve of most stylist is when a client tries to tell them how to do their job. When you sit in that stylist chair, you have the right to have a consultation before your service, letting him/her know what it is you are seeking. After the brief consult, let them work their magic. If you want to tell them what to do, step by step, DO IT YOURSELF! because obviously you can do it better. I know when clients interfere in my craft it effects the outcome. I'm no longer in my element, now I'm a robot. If you are going to a licensed professional, trust that they know what their doing and let them. The salon is our stage, let us perform with no distractions. PLEASE!

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