Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are you serious?! Just STOP!

In this business, clients will try to convince you of almost anything. Some of the most common lines are, "I have no idea why my hair is falling out," "My hair has always been long and thick, until...," "That stylist cut my hair off, even though my hair was long and healthy," "All I did was____ then my hair just started to come out," "My hair was down my back, can you grow my hair back to that length?"  These are all statements I've heard, while clients have sat in my chair and I'm sure most of you that are reading this can say that you've said one of these statements or something similar to your stylist. I'm not discrediting these statements, because for some, these are facts, but for others these are dreams.  A seasoned hairstylist can tell if you are being 100% honest. By looking at your hair, we can tell what has or hasn't been done. Honesty is the best policy when going to your stylist. In order for your hair to have have a future, it's important to be honest when telling your stylist about your hair's past. It might seem like a white lie, but in the end it could cost you to lose out on achieving that healthy hair you're seeking.

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