Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's snowing...Dandruff

Dandruff is an issue that many people struggle with. It affects almost half of the population, regardless of gender and ethnicity. Dandruff is usually dry, fine flaky skin on the scalp with areas of pink or red inflamed skin. Although dandruff is not curable it can be controlled with proper hair hygiene. Many people go out and spend lots of money on shampoos that claim that it will cure dandruff, but the fact of the matter is it won't. Some even believe that if they oil their scalps that it will solve their dandruff nightmares but all that does is mask the problem and clog your pores. The medicated shampoos that are for sell over the counters do not work. I know some think that just because the shampoo/conditioner tingles and you can smell the menthol, that it's solving the problem, trust me it's not. The only chance you may have is going to a dermatologist. The best way to handle dandruff is to shampoo your hair no less than once a week. During the colder months dandruff is worst due to the dry air. In general your hair goes through more in the winter and fall.  The bottom line is that although there is no "cure" for dandruff, it can be made better with proper shampooing and overall maintenance of the hair.

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