Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oily hair vs. Dry hair

Oily hair is an issue that many people suffer from. Genetics is the most common reason why certain people are prone to oily hair over others. The chances are much greater during puberty, when hormones cause a higher production of sebum. Sebum is a waxy-type substance that occurs in the body and is meant to keep hair water proof (reference www.ehow.com). This causes difficulties in removing residue from the hair. People with oily hair have to shampoo their hair more often than those whom have other hair types. I highly recommend a clarifying shampoo for oily hair, it strips buildup from hair. Using excessive product is not recommended as this may lead to an oily buildup. Some experts say that people with oily hair shouldn't use conditioner, but I don't agree with that. Hair needs to be nourished and conditioned. Another great option for dealing with oily hair is using sulfate free shampoo. This is a great option because it cleanses the hair without stripping all of the hair's natural oils and leaves a great shine and extra body. If you have oily hair I recommend combing conditioner through the ends, then thoroughly rinsing product from the hair. The best way to deal with oily hair is to shampoo it more than once a week if possible, and use products prescribed by a physician.

Dry hair can be caused by so many different components. Dry hair can be the result of over-processing the hair, environmental damage, excessive heat, amongst many other things. If you're suffering from dry tresses, chances are your hair is suffering from more than just lack of moisture. It's probably damaged or on it's way. It's important to moisturize hair after every shampoo, if you have dry hair. Coating the hair with oil does NOT work, you have to reconstruct what has been taken out of the hair and throwing oil on it, is only masking the problem. The hair has to be infused with moisture and this may take several visits to a professional before hair is completely restored. 


  1. what do you think about sulfate free shampoo? isn't that supposed to keep your hair more moisturized since it doesn't strip natural oils from your hair?

  2. Thank you Lauren for your question. Your absolutely right, sulfate free shampoo is great because it cleanses the hair while still leaving natural oils intact. Hair will be clean, shiny and have body. I'll add this in the post. Thank you,