Monday, January 31, 2011

Easy-Breezy Ponytail

Many of us have busy lifestyles that causes us to have minimum time to style our hair in the morning. That's when a simple ponytail can come in handy. A ponytail isn't good to wear on a regular bases, but every now and then it works. When putting your hair in a ponytail make sure your using cloth ponytail holders and not rubber bands. Rubber bands cut the hair, and causes breakage.  Ponytails can be dressed up or dressed down. If your going to work in an office setting or where your required to dress up, throw on some pearls or studs to add a classic flair. Let's not forget the make-up, for those who don't wear make-up, lip gloss is just fine. A ponytail can work before and after 5. It looks best when hair has been straightened  or curled. It also works days before your scheduled hair appointment when hair is too oily to wear down. Below is a link to show what type of cloth bands are best for ponytails.

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