Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pin up those curls!

Wondering how you can keep those body curls that your hairstylist gave you? Well I'm here to help with that. The answer is pin curling. Women have been pin curling their hair for decades. It's a way that you can keep shape, body, and volume in your hair. Pin curls are awesome right after a blow-out to secure your curl pattern. Many women wrap their hair and that flattens the hair, which gives it a sleek look. If you want to keep curls, the pin curling technique allows you to do so, and curls last for a long period of time. The technique is very simple. Pin curling works best when hair is curled first. You don't have to take really small sections, take medium sized sections.

  1. Take a (medium) section of hair
  2. Start at the bottom where hair is curled
  3. Roll hair in the direction of the curl using both index fingers 
  4. Roll hair to the base of the parted section
  5. Hold with one hand while you slide the clip onto the hair 
  6. Once secured with clip, start the next section

In order to prevent marks that clips my leave, you can use end paper before you slide the clip on the hair. You can use bobby pins or all-purpose clips for this technique. You also want to use a comb to comb each section before rolling hair to the base.



Hair pressed and curled

Hair pinned after being pressed and curled

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