Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wedding Wednesday....Inexpensive wedding hairstyles

I got the inspiration for this post from a bride that I'm styling tomorrow. Most brides look for ways where they can cut cost as getting married is one of the most expensive events in your life. Some brides try to cut in the beauty department which deems to be single handily the worst mistake you can make. As a picture last a lifetime and with social media being what it is now, your mistakes can last on the Internet longer than your life.  That's even more of a reason why you should not skimm on the beauty services for your 'Big Day'.  If you have shorter length hair, it's not mandatory that you add extensions, you can wear your natural length hair and be formal. Less is more these days. If you look on the red carpet especially now, you'll see short, medium and long hair on the carpet. I happen to think a ponytail can be sleek and sexy. It's inexpensive as well.
I personally love up-dos for weddings but up-dos can get costly especially when you incorporate extensions. You don't have to wear extensions to be glamorous, you can have volume without additions.When I style my brides I usually go to them and I charge a travel fee on top of the styling cost.
You want the process to be as seamless as possible so a stylist coming to you is definitely the best option on your day of.
Make sure you use Pinterest as a reference for whatever hair length you have. It's the Best!


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