Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wedding Wednesday....Versatile Clip-in extensions

Yesterday I had a trial appointment with a bride and I custom-made her clip-in extensions. I must admit that I was a little surprised at how versatile the clips were. I was able to pull them in a ponytail, a bun, and a side-swept style. I usually recommend brides get sew-in extensions because of the longevity and versatility of them. I always think about how long the wedding day is and the fact that the bride will be dancing and in turn sweating, so I always think it's best to go with extensions that will keep the style the longest.
However clip-in extensions are a great way to go if you don't want braids and you want something thats temporary. I also like micro-bead extensions as an option.

Below are the before and after looks. We did 2 different side swept looks. One has more volume at the top than the other. 

Natural hair after the shampoo and condition

Natural hair pressed 

Clip-in extensions added

Clip-ins are seamless

I wand and ceramic curled, then pinned it to the side

I readjusted the the style and added more volume to the top

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