Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday....How to protect your hair in the Fall/Winter

As some of us prepare for the brisk temperatures that Fall/Winter has to offer, some of us have the luxury of not having to worry about the frigid temperatures. I know some of you live outside of the US and your season change isn't as drastic as it is in most parts of the US.
This post is for the people the have to succumb to wearing a coat, scarf and gloves to stay warm. If this pertains to you, then I want to make sure you are making the best decision when it comes to wearing materials that will not destroy your hair. Many people don't think about how the coat they wear could be damaging their hair. The winter is so harsh on your natural hair. Not only because the air is dryer but also because of the coats and scarves that keep you the warmest house materials that aren't so good for our hair.
For example wool or acrylic snag onto your hair and pulls it out often times without you even knowing it. You'll look up and wonder why your ends are so bad or why your hair is paper thin and it's likely because of the coat you're wearing. Puffer coats are usually safe, most are made out of Nylon. I'm not saying that wool coats are a "no-go" however if you choose to wear them then make sure you're protecting your hair by lining the collar of the jacket with a silk scarf. Doing this will make sure you maintain your hair without unnecessary breakage.
My scalp usually gets dry during the fall and winter months, so I have to do a little extra to make sure my scalp is moisturize.  I recommend massaging peppermint oil or tea tree oil into your scalp the night before a shampoo, you could also incorporate coconut oil into your shampoo.

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