Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedding Wednesday...Vintage wedding hairstyles

As I get older, the more I have an appreciation for the past decades. Especially the 50's and 70's.
Even-though I wasn't yet thought of, I have admiration for the the glamour during these decades. I have a very classic style, so it makes sense that I would be drawn to these periods. As alot of people say, "I have an old soul". I value quality and during these decades garments were made with sustainability, women had class, men were gentlemen, and women actually wore "real" hairstyles.
We now live in a world where, everything is rushed. Everyone is seeking something that is easy when it comes to their hair. Women used to pin-curl their hair at night, they wore french rolls, they wore actual styles.
When women got married they wanted to trump their everyday styles, so you would see hairstyles that had intricate details to them. I miss people caring about their appearance. I miss the level of class that women and men possessed.
One of my favorite movies is 'Mona Lisa smile'. It took place during the 50's at Wellesley College. I loved the hair in that movie. It was truly artistic.
The women that are my favorites from these periods are Diana Ross and Diahann Carroll. These women are still the epitome of class. They are graceful and exude what it means to be a woman.

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