Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday...Roll it UP!

Last night I got an email from a client that's getting married. She is interested in getting an install for her wedding. She wants something that she can wear an up-do with as well as that will be low maintenance for her honeymoon.
As most of you know it is wedding season, so some of you are finalizing plans for your big day and others are getting ideas for their future wedding day. 
No matter what stage you're in, you have to remember to make the best decisions in terms of practicality. 
Weddings aren't getting any cheaper, so you want to make sure you are making choices that are cost effective. 
Most of my brides add extensions for their Big Day, because they want to be glamorous. Extensions also holds your style in place longer than when you get your natural hair styled. 
It's also great for those women who are going on their honeymoon right after the wedding. You want to create a fantasy for your new spouse. Why not create an alter ego? 
Many of you know that 'Pinterest' happens to be my favorite go-to places for hairstyles. Whatever I'm looking for whether it be ideas for up-dos, hair color, hairstyles, cuts, etc... I turn to 'Pinterest'. 
Most brides also use this tool to pin ideas for their weddings. It's the bridal sanctuary!
As I previously stated, I had a client that contacted me last night. She was interested in getting a full sew in installation for her wedding day. 
She sent me a picture of the style she wanted to acheive as her wedding day look and I fell in love. It was the perfect Old Hollywood glam look. It was definitely a 20's inspired hairstyle. 
My inspiration for today's post is from this hairstyle below...

This is the look, isn't it Gorge?

Other looks from Pinterest that I loved:

These are Styles that I've done:

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