Thursday, May 23, 2013

Short Hair Edition

Short hair and I have come such a long way. I remember when I wouldn't take short hair clients at all. I wasn't confident enough, I thought it was so difficult to do. Now I can say that I challenged myself to learn and now I think I'm pretty good. It's been such a blessing to work with talented stylist over the years who have taught me different techniques that help mold me into the hairstylist I am today.  I've also worked with stylist that weren't open to spreading the knowledge because they were so concerned that you would conquer the skill and use it against them. I'm a firm believer that what's for 'you' is for 'you' can't nobody take it away. God made every person different, there may be a million hairstylist but what I do won't ever be the same as any other stylist. My craft and path is my own.
I have noticed that styling short hair is an art, completely different than styling other hair lengths. It has to be molded a certain way and the cut is extremely important in getting the hair to lay properly.
I have also noticed that many people with shorter hair, over-process their hair. You still want it to be healthy. Dry and brittle hair doesn't look good at any length. The same hair care needs are imperative on all hair types and lengths.
I'm not the best 'yet' in styling short hair but I'm happy with my progression.

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