Friday, March 11, 2011

What is "GOOD HAIR"?

People have a pre-conceived notion of what "good hair" is. If you ask 95% (or more) of people "what is good hair?", I guarantee that most of them would say
A. A person with long thick hair
B. A person that has medium-long curly, medium texture hair.
C. A european texture of hair

When most people think of "good hair" they think of European hair. Coarse hair in most people's eyes will never be considered good hair. The reason for this misconception dates back to slavery. It was embedded in the mind of African Americans that if they were dark skinned they weren't pretty, and if their hair was too coarse then it wasn't good hair. This is why many African Americans relax their hair, so that it's more "manageable". Acceptance is a major issue in the black community. If our hair isn't right, then we don't feel right. So many women have had to overcome many obstacles when it has come to their hair. By obstacles I'm speaking in regard to having to alter hair based upon job titles. I have several clients that will NOT wear their hair in its natural state to work. It's because society has told us that it's not okay for us to be ourselves.  The world we live in is one that is so obsessed with celebrity. We want to look like the people on the television, and the act of the matter is that is an illusion, it's not realistic. I don't want to get too deep, but this post is REAL. As an artist I love self expression, I want to switch up my hair and wear different styles. That's okay to do, but if you feel like you aren't beautiful unless you have extensions, color, or some other artificial addition then you need to reevaluate who "YOU" are and what your purpose is. LOVE YOURSELF!
"Good Hair is HEALTHY Hair"-Serena J.

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