Sunday, March 20, 2011

Extensions-Partial sew in

As some of you know, there are various types of extensions. Your hair and lifestyle determines which option is best for you. For example if you workout and want a low maintenance style you may opt for a full sew in. If you want to add fullness and length you may opt for a partial sew in. The number one complaint with a "full" weave is that it doesn't look natural. If you want to give your natural hair a break, but are nervous about the "wiggy" factor, then try a silk base closure. A silk base closure gives the illusion that a scalp is present. It looks very natural, because it's difficult to trace the fabrication. 
Below is a picture of a silk base closure:

If you decide to get extensions it is very important to go to a professional hairstylist that has the same vision you do as well as one that makes sure that your natural hair is not jeopardized. Your foundation is VERY important. If your foundation isn't durable, the long-term effect can be catastrophic. Remember "Quality over Quantity." When it comes to your hair you don't want to take chances and you need to seek out someone that takes pride in what they are doing. I know a hand full of hairstylists that LOVE what they do and it is reflected in their art work. 
As a tress artist, I absolutely love what I do. I dream about hair and I'm so grateful that God has blessed me with my craft.

Whomever is reading this post I want to tell you to seek out your craft and do it to the best of your ability. Know your worth and don't let anyone devalue your craft and your talent. 

All extensions, cut, and style done by Serena J. at the Bryan Joseph Salon in Washington, Dc 2011

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