Monday, February 7, 2011

Wig it out!

This post is for those who like versatility in their everyday look. If you are a celebrity in your mind, why not carry it out in your everyday life. Being a celeb requires a great deal of flexibility and maintenance. You have to be able to glam it up at a moments notice. For those whom live busy lives and need a quick fix a wig is the answer. A wig is a way to give your hair a break from environmental damage as well as chemical damage. I have a client that is a model and wears wigs to diversify her look for fashion and editorial spreads.

                                 Client A (Bryan Joseph salon, Dc)
Custom hairpiece, cut, and style by Serena J.
(natural hair is braided underneath)

Rounded bob, layers, ceramic curl

Custom hairpiece, cut, and style by Serena J.

After 1 Year and counting.... Client B (Metro Detroit area salon)

1 year old, custom hairpiece, before cut (originally 10" of hair)

1 year old, Custom hairpiece 

After shampoo,bd, and cut
By Serena J.

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