Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How often should I shampoo my hair?

This is a question that I find many of my clients asking me. And the answer depends on the grade of hair that you have. Below I have listed  different textures of hair and the frequency that they should be shampooed. Hope this helps!

Fine hair texture-
Fine hair can be soft and silky. Fine hair can range from very thin to very thick. It can be straight, wavy, curly or coarse. The key to dealing with fine hair is keeping it as full as possible. The best shampoo to use for fine hair is thickening and volumizing. The shampoo should be followed up with a light conditioner (thickening or volumizing), because you don’t want to weigh the hair down. Apply the conditioner, comb it through the ends (2-3 min) and rinse it out. Use the least amount of heat and product as possible. You want to give the illusion that hair is full, so wearing curls is the best way to achieve this illusion. Shampoo and condition (depending on hair type and lifestyle) 1-3 times a week

Medium hair texture-
Medium hair is the most common texture. It also has the most flexibility when it comes to styling. Depending on the overall condition of your hair you may be able to use shampoo for normal hair. The shampoo should be followed with moisturizing/hydrating conditioner. If hair is chemically damaged or dry, treat the hair with a reconstructing treatment and follow it up with an intense conditioner (Reconstructors strengthen hair, but can be drying, so ALWAYS follow up with a conditioner). A deep conditioner or hot oil treatment can also be a benefit to dry/damaged hair. Shampoo and condition (depending on hair type and lifestyle) once a week to 1-2 times every 2 weeks

Coarse/Thick hair texture-
Coarse/thick hair can feel jagged as a result of the way the cuticle scales lays against the hair shaft. Coarse hair can be fine or medium as well. Coarse hair textures aren’t always the best candidates for chemical services, because the hair is generally weaker than other textures. That is why it’s so important to have a strand test before any chemical service. The overall condition of hair is the key to the outcome of chemical services. Moisturizing or hydrating shampoos are the best for this texture of hair. After the shampoo, follow up with conditioners that penetrate into the hair shaft. The best way to infuse the conditioners into the cuticle and shaft is to put a warm towel over the head while conditioning (then the plastic cap). Since hair is generally dry, it’s good to moisturize the hair and put back in what has been taken out. Coarse hair needs more attention than any other hair type. Shampoo and condition (depending on hair type and lifestyle) once a week or once every 2 weeks

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