Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Relaxed Hair does NOT =Limp Hair

In most cases relaxed hair is often dry and limp. The reason for this is because the hair is over-processed. Most people were brain washed early on that they needed to have a relaxer to get their hair straight. A large number of women that wear shorter styles require relaxed hair, but women with medium to long hair can either go without or have it no more than a few times a year. The objective is to soften the curl pattern, not strip natural texture. When you notice that hair is dry and brittle its because all natural texture has been stripped. Hair should have body and sheen with or without a relaxer. If your hair is limp, dull, or damaged it's a pretty good indication that it's over-processed. If you are having this issue you should see a professional that can properly treat your hair to stop breakage. The link below is an image of what your hair should NOT look like after a relaxer.

The pictures below are ways that hair should look after a relaxer

                Natural Hair (Relaxed) and Ceramic curled by Serena J.
                  Natural Hair (Relaxed) and Ceramic curled by Serena J.

              Natural Hair (Relaxed), Layered and Ceramic curled by Serena J.

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