Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wedding Wednesday....Is it a must to wear a veil?

Lately I've been seeing more and more brides opt for the flowered headband, or crystal hairpieces instead of the tradional veil.
Is that considered a "faux pas"?
I know I always said when I get married that I had no intensions on wearing a veil. I realize its traditional but it's not the best look for everyone. I feel that it's restricting.
I love the untraditional headpieces, they are such a simple statement piece. It ties the whole bridal day look together and you can wear it all day. Whereas a veil you take off after the ceremony.
For most a veil is symbolic.
It was designed to hide the brides face from the everyone except the groom. Decades ago the groom was forbidden from seeing the brides face until they were wed. In some cultures it symbolizes that the face of the bride is sacred for only the groom to see.
The veil is also used to protect the bride from evil spirits, transition from maiden good to married life, and to show respect and modesty before God.
After doing some research, maybe I'll wear that veil after all. The significance of it is important.
Often times I will research a subject and I'll learn things in the process. That's why it's so important for me to blog. I love to write and share things with other people. Knowledge is power.:)

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