Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding Wednesday.... How to maximize your Extension installation

Are you bored with your extensions?
I have the perfect solution, switch up your look without having to get a new installation. I like to call it the 2 for 1.
When I wear extensions I usually get bored after about 6 weeks. I want a different look. I usually cut into it or I'll apply color to it. Normally my change consist of a haircut.
Some people spend a nice amount of money on their extensions and may not want to cut it so color may be the best option if you want to reuse the hair.
I don't normally spend $200-300 per bundle on my hair so I am always doing something new to my hair.
If you are someone who likes to reuse your hair, you can cut the hair when it's time to buy new hair. If you invest in really good hair it can last for 3 installs.
The client below has had her installation for 6 weeks and she decided to go for a big chop. Her natural hair is long and she's never worn short hair in her life so she wanted to try a new look and what better way to achieve a different look then with extensions.
The hair that she used is called 'Genesis' by Bobby Boss.

First install (2 months ago) 

The big chop

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