Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Brand...Dorothy A. Johnson (Short Hair)

Dorothy A. Johnson is such a motivation to me. She is a spontaneous, kind-hearted, and daring. I wasn't strong in styling short hair, but I must say I'm pretty good now and getting better daily. Dorothy came and she not only challenges me but  trust me as well. I appreciate her because she's open to taking risk when it comes to her hair. It's not often that people come and sit in your chair without a vision. Most of my clients know what they want and are mainly safe. I'm safe when it comes to my hair as well. I enjoy being a hairstylist because I love to be able to carry out people's vision. It makes me feel good when people are enthralled with the outcome of their hair. It's even better when you have the ability to touch people's lives internally and when it can be reciprocated. My clients are awesome beings and they motivate and inspire me to be better. I'm so grateful and humbled to have this incredible talent. #TressArtist

Color (back to back, slice highlight)
Wrapped, pressed, and curled

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