Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tress test!

The other day I tried a few new products on my clients hair. I love trying new products in hopes that they enhance the quality of the hair. Conditioners are the key components in aiding towards healthy hair. When I'm doing hair I like to lay a foundation so that hair is protected from  environmental pollutants and thermal tools. The key is to strengthen the hair from the inside out. If the hair is damaged there is nothing that grease, oil, or a traditional shampoo/conditioner can do. That hair needs to be  restored.

My client below is a natural hair client, whom is growing her color out. Her hair has a base change and highlights. She gets it straightened once a month and wears cute heat less hair styles as well. We used an organic sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner from Influence professional product line. After I rinsed the conditioner out, I applied a dime sized amount of Moroccan oil, and then sprayed Fekkai thermal protectant in her hair. Afterward I proceeded to blow-dry the hair. After the hair was dry,  I gave her a light press and then flat-iron curled the hair. While flat-ironing, I used Design essentials silk drops on each section (ends only), before I would glide the iron on them. The color causes the hair to be dry, so in order to seal them I use the silk drops. If the hair is conditioned well, it  should have a nice sheen on it after it's blow-dried.

Shampoo/conditioned, prior to blow-dry

After blow-dry

After press and mini-trim

Pressed, flat-iron curled


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