Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's all about the BRAIDS!

Today I was looking in People magazine and I came across an article on summer styles. It stated how braids are a great option in the summer, because it's easy and fun. It also doesn't involve any heat. Your hair can have a break from hot tools. Heat less hairstyles are always a great option in the summer, whether you opt for a natural curly style or a funky braided style make sure your making a statement. I have been experimenting with braids for a little while now, so let's just say I was a step ahead. I love creating styles that clients can duplicate at home or at least maintain while at home. If you want a carefree, low maintenance style try one of these cute braided looks.
*Tip* When your braiding use a pomade or wax to secure the hair in place and for a better grip.

Look #1

Look #2

This look was achieved by using synthetic braiding hair. I braided it, made it into a headband and pinned it in. 

*Bonus braid pictures

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