Monday, May 16, 2011

Prom Time!!!! (up-do)

It's Prom time!!! This is such an exciting time for high school Juniors and Seniors. This is a time that most teens look forward to and it's a night that will be remembered for a lifetime. I remember prom night like it was yesterday.  I had thee best time. I remember getting my dress, shoes, jewelry (all of which I never wore again) it was so exciting. This is a time when alot of money is spent. I could only imagine that the amount of money spent on this day is when one gets married. It's pretty ridiculous as I think about it. High school is an important time in a persons life, you go through many stages of growth during this time. Prom is the conclusion of adolescent hood and the beginning to the road into adulthood. College comes next and then the "REAL WORLD" comes and slaps you in the face. I'm so grateful for my prom experience.

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