Monday, May 2, 2011

Exfoliate that skin!

Tonight I was looking in the mirror and noticed that my skin was dry. I started exfoliating my skin a few months ago and loved the results that I got. I thought to myself if a scrub shaves dead skin off your feet and body, why shouldn't it do the same for my face. The skin on the face is usually more sensitive so I wanted to use a scrub that was a lot milder than the one I use on my body and feet. Normally I would have resorted to my coffee scrub, but I was all out, so I used sugar and olive oil. I mixed the sugar and olive oil in a cup, wet my face, and lathered my face with the scrub. When I finished applying the scrub, I diluted it with water to dissolve the sugar, as you work the scrub in to your skin using your finger tips, you can feel the dead skin cells being removed. Your skin is going to be silky smooth and radiant as ever. An exfoliator  should be done at least once a month. After the exfoliator is applied follow it up with a moisturizer. This is a home remedy that any one can do to preserve their skin. Try it, I guarantee you won't be sorry:)

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