Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The hair journey of Ashley Nicole by Serena J.

As women many of us go through stressful times in our lives, and in turn it has an effect on our hair. Stress=hair loss There are many factors that causes breakage. The number one cause is "STRESS".
2) Neglecting to trim ends   3) Lack of moisture   4) Need of reconstruction (treatment)   5) What your sleeping on (cotton pillow case, bandanna, etc...)
If your not resting your head on satin then you need to start. Satin keeps the moisture in.

Ashley Nicole is a regular client and in her case the breakage was gradual. It started in the back left corner of her head and then began to spread. She decided to get a haircut and start over. The cut wasn't quite what she expected, so in turn she decided to get extensions to allow her hair to grow back in. So she came and I treated her hair and then gave her sew in extensions. Every 3 months for a year she came and I would give her a treatment, then a trim and sew in her extensions. After a year she has beautiful, natural, healthy hair.

 Cut in this photo above done by another stylist
 Cut in the photo above done by another stylist
 Extensions, cut, and style done by Serena J.
 Extensions, cut, and style done by Serena J.
 Press done by Serena J.
Press and curl done by Serena J.
Disclaimer-Every persons hair is different and a consultation is required before extensions or chemical services are performed.

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